COVID-19 Guidance

Advice for Parents & Carers

The Learning Academies Trust has been closely following all communications issued from the Department for Education and the latest government advice regarding Coronavirus.To ensure you have accurate and up-to-date guidance, we will update this page with our any new or further information / guidance.

Please ensure you regularly check this page for any further updates.

Guidance / Documents Status Date
Contingency plan for the control of Coronavirus Current 30/07/2020
Letter to Parent & Carers Current 19/03/2020
Message for Parent & Carers Current 18/03/2020
Covid Information and Procedure - Rev 2 - (Staff Information) Current 17/03/2020
Letter for Parents & Carers Current 13/03/2020
Contingency plan for the control of Coronavirus Superseded 19/06/2020
Contingency plan for the control of Coronavirus Superseded 27/04/2020
Covid Information and Procedure Superseded 11/03/2020

Government 'food vouchers'
Government release guidance on schools issuing food vouchers. But what does this mean for parents and pupils? As a Trust we currently offer Grab Bag style lunches each day via our Catering Company 'CATEREd'. These will continue as normal today. We are reviewing this arrangement alongside latest Government guidance. The Trust will release an update for all parents shortly.

We are currently liaising with both our current catering company ‘CaterEd’ and the DFE re the details of the recently announced voucher scheme. Our current understanding of the new scheme is that it will be ‘term time only’ and will not be available until Tuesday 14th April. Once we have any more information on the scheme and how it might operate in our school(s), we will be back in touch, but in the meantime for the next 2 weeks our current ‘grab bag’ arrangements will continue.