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Welcome to the Learning Academies Trust and thank you for taking a look at our website.

We are an 9 school primary Multi Academy Trust based in the heart of Plymouth. We believe passionately in the power of education to transform our children’s life chances and we have a wonderful team who strive tirelessly towards meeting this goal.

Our 500 fantastic staff currently educate just under 3000 Plymouth children in our 9 primary schools and 6 nursery settings. More details on each of our individual schools can be found via the school links on our website.

Back in late 2016, the LAT grew out of an original ’outstanding’ school, working alongside and supporting a neighbouring primary and that school to school collaborative culture continues to underpin everything we do to this day. Between 2016 and 2018 the LAT grew organically, starting with 3 schools, the Trust then moved…


We believe that every child in our Trust deserves an outstanding education, whatever their starting point or background.


We believe that every school in our Trust is unique and should serve the needs of its own local community.


We believe that the individual schools in our Trust will work most effectively when they work together.

Horizon and Learning Academies Trust

An update on the ‘merger’ plans – April 2023

Please find a summary of our stakeholder engagement meeting and a copy of our stakeholder engagement presentation slides.

Fantastic news!!!

We are delighted to be able to inform you that we have just received a formal written communication from Hannah Woodhouse in her capacity as the South West Regional Director. She has finally confirmed that the Horizon MAT can now officially join the Learning Academies Trust.

It has taken us a while to get to this stage, but this is really fantastic news for our staff, our children and the communities we serve within the City of Plymouth.

Thank you for all of your help and support in getting us to this point.

‘Believe you can. Together we will.’

Simon Spry

Latest News

Fantastic news for the LAT and the children and community of @SPSPlymouth . So delighted that @CourtneyLobban will be taking up the role of H of S at Shakespeare Primary in September. Very exciting!
‘Believe you can. Together we will.’

A day by the sea reflecting on the year. It has been jam packed full of amazing opportunities from my Trust @learningatceo & @LeadSW100. I am very proud to say I will be the HoS at @SPSPlymouth in September. It a privilege to work with LAT.
‘Believe you can. Together we will.’

Fantastic news for the Learning Academies Trust that @bennorris82 will be joining us at @KnowlePrimary in September as our new headteacher.
‘Believe you can. Together we will.’

With half term upon us, there’s finally time to reflect upon the past couple of busy weeks. I am so proud to be taking on the headship at Knowle Primary School in September. Delighted to be a part of LAT @learningatceo and our incredible trust family! ‘Every moment counts.’

Absolutely delighted to be a partner in this incredibly important work to close the disadvantage gap in the SW.

Also great to see one of our new LAT heads featured. Well done @bennorris82 -The new headteacher at @KnowlePrimary !!

Watch the video and if you can…get involved!

Check out @LeadSW100 👇

A movement of leaders from the southwest committed to working together to eradicate the disadvantage gap.

💯headteachers over five years.

🌎✈️Internationally informed

📍Locally rooted.


Loving a bit of a cross MAT times table competition!
Looking forward to seeing all the scores grow!!!
It may be @princerockps now, but will they keep their current lead???

The LAT schools have had a cracking start to our KS2 TTRS battle. After only one day, Prince Rock have taken the lead. It’s a 3 week battle so there’s plenty of time to earn coins for your school. @learningatceo @CiaraEMoran

Today is the day - come and join us

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