Just wondering which schools use Bug Club/ Phonics Bug as their SSP? Thank you #edutwitter #english #phonics #bugclub

A wonderful Sunshine Read 💛☀️Fantastic examples of segmenting & blending, fluency and automaticity. Thank you for joining me! @Mayflower_MCA @DavidSammels

Thank you to the families that attended our early reading and phonics workshop. We hope you found it useful! 👩🏻‍🏫

Well done to the chn for helping us show what phonics and TOR look like! 👏 🌟

#togetherwecan #community #workshop #MCAphonics #MCAreading

E is stepping back in time at @FlambardsUK today. Exploring the Victorian village is bringing her project to life! She's spotted a meat pudding just like the one Jim, from Street Child, would have bought 🙂 @Mayflower_MCA @rosswilcoxMCA @CatherineactMCA @EllieHernMCA

Yesterday we attended the Plymouth Honey Show & The Six Bees took 2nd place in two categories 🐝 not bad for their first year! So proud of them all. Think they want to bring their certificate in to show the class if that’s ok? @Mayflower_MCA @sarah_sandey @JoanneLawsMCA

After 5 years of achieving consecutive Gold awards, these schools were awarded Platinum!💎@YourSchoolGames

Yealmpstone Farm
Old Priory
Bickleigh Down

The children in 2U were thinking like Historians when they created some fantastic fact files about the History of Plymouth.

Sharing the thinking behind the process

It's advantageous 2be brave & lay it all out

We invite people in -chat with us -unpick our offer & provide new perception

It helps us 2decide where 2focus next

Together we can...
@KellyKing_MCA @helenjMCA @sarah_sandey @Mayflower_MCA

Twitter feed video.

Some of fletcher reading over the weekend @helentaylorMCA @Mayflower_MCA

Twitter feed video.

Great way to get children and parents involved in #NationalEyeHealthWeek. Good eye health is important for education.
@Mayflower_MCA @school_mwp @MountStreetPlym @princerockps @learningatceo @KnowlePrimary @woodfieldplym @DavidSammels @DiviWaltersMD

Great way to get children and parents involved in #NationalEyeHealthWeek. Good eye health is important for education.
@Mayflower_MCA @school_mwp @MountStreetPlym @princerockps @learningatceo @KnowlePrimary @woodfieldplym @DavidSammels @DiviWaltersMD
Devon LOC @DevonLOC1

Devon LOC celebrates National Eye Health Week with a competition! #NHEW #NationalEyeHealthWeek #Amblyopia #ChildrensEyeHealth #Childrenssight #VisualImpairment
Check details @

@StaceyM41153796 @Mayflower_MCA Thank you for sharing this - F is very lucky to have such great support for his home learning. I'm really looking forward to see his reading progress as we move through Y6. A superb effort from both of you 😃

We had a great first week exploring our Project skill - joining!

Can we tell you all about it at home? 💬

@LauraShepsMCA @JustineL_MCA

TY Nigel for showing us how to join our new furniture together and for all of your help last week!

#togetherwecan #joining

A has loved reading this book and explaining to me how he planted his sunflower at Beavers. His sunflower is now as tall as him! @EllieHernMCA @Mayflower_MCA

This week we have developed our understanding of #PLB by exploring The Colour Monster goes to School 🏫.

We challenged the pupils to share their new knowledge of managing their feelings and emotions at home.


#parentvoice #MCAearlyyears #transition #PSED

A wonderful first ‘Sunshine Read’ ☀️There were so many of you, TEAMS could not fit you all on the screen 🧡Thank you so much for joining. I will see you all again next Thursday at 7pm .

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