On Wednesday 1st February, Prince Rock will be partially closed. Please see the email which has been sent to all parents/carers. This will provide further information.

So proud of B getting this award well done ❤️❤️ @Mayflower_MCA @rosswilcoxMCA @DavidSammels

@DavidSammels @Mayflower_MCA I will try & pop in soon, it’s difficult working 12hr night shifts
I did show some interest in the cleaning position you had available but unfortunately I need at least 4hrs a day but at the moment you only have 2 available.
Please keep me in mind if more hrs become available 🙂

L is enjoying cricket with @wicketzplymouth & here he is holding his great great grandad's cricket trophy from 1947. His great great grandad managed to get 10 wickets with 10 balls 🏏
@Mayflower_MCA @DavidSammels @LissiemillsMCA

No 2 complete. 50 to go. If you can spare a few quid it’s for a worthy cause. All the amazing kids and staff at @Mayflower_MCA @Nursery_MCA @FPTA_MCA

@DavidSammels @Mayflower_MCA No thank you!
Phonics Champion with my own little phonics group
Understanding behaviour that challenges course & certificate
Volunteering in the Support Centre
Maths course
Food & Hygiene certificate.
You have helped me in so many ways & I will be forever grateful ❤️

@Thesixbees_ @Mayflower_MCA @Nursery_MCA @FPTA_MCA Brilliant Mick. You star ⭐️ Let’s get behind Mick & sponsor him, raising money to enrich the lives of the pupils @Mayflower_MCA

@charmaine_82 @Mayflower_MCA The most wonderful and genuine reply
Always proud of you Charmaine
Your comments make us think
Thank you for sharing them
Together we can...

That's clear!

Workshops for our community are now on (for free)

This one is Y3 Art @Nursery_MCA @Mayflower_MCA

Come join us

Together we can...

Twitter feed video.

@Thesixbees_ @Mayflower_MCA @JustGiving Just wonderful and very inspirational 👏

@Thesixbees_ @Mayflower_MCA @FPTA_MCA @Nursery_MCA Absolutely amazing! Let’s hope the weather is a lot more gentle with you this week!xx

@natzeh @Nursery_MCA @Mayflower_MCA Ongoing Natalie
Launching full list of dates and times as part of our new website launch

We will make sure you're fully informed

Pop in and try next time you're passing though

@JoanneLawsMCA @racgreco happy to play

@DavidSammels @Nursery_MCA @Mayflower_MCA @JoanneLawsMCA @racgreco Always happy to get arty!

@Thesixbees_ @Mayflower_MCA @FPTA_MCA @Nursery_MCA This is incredible
Just as your decision to take on this challenge is

@DavidSammels @Mayflower_MCA I really enjoyed doing my maths course at Mayflower.
I was so nervous before it started (Maths was my weakness) but it turns out I had nothing to worry about!
It’s been great to use my new skills to help my children with their secondary school homework. GOOD LUCK to everyone! ❤️

Teachers' Open Afternoon in the Immersive Dome!

This free taster afternoon, on 17.1.23 at 4pm, is an opportunity for you & your colleagues to come & visit, experience the 360 dome, and see how it could enhance your school's learning.

Book here:

@Mayflower_MCA @FPTA_MCA @Nursery_MCA Almost half way to the target. May have to readjust 😂👍

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